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Booni Valley Chiral Pakistan

Booni Valley
Booni is situated 80 kilometer to the north of Chitral town. It is famous for the fruit-laden trees apricot, mulberry, grapes, peaches and apple tree orchards, fresh water, grasses and cool shadow.

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The main languages spoken in this area of Pakistan are Khowar and about 13 other dialects. The people of the Kalash Valley speak the Kalash language. Urdu is widely spoken and understood in major towns and to some extent Pashto is also spoken.


The main tribe, the Khow, speak Khowar (or Chitrali), one of the Dardic languages, which is also spoken in parts of Yasin, Gilgit, Ghizer and Swat. Pashto language is also spoken and understood by some in the city. Chitral is known for the famous Kalash tribe polytheist native inhabitants that ruled the region for centuries later invaded by "Khow". The Kalasha reside in an enclave of three remote valleys west of Ayun, which is ten miles (16 km) down from Chitral town. The Chitral culture is Islamic and contrasts considerably with the urban cities of Pakistan as well as the adjacent district of Gilgit. Women are nearly invisible except to their male relatives and other women. They avoid walking the streets of the town, so men or children do most of the shopping. Travel requires the company of a close male relative and sometimes the wearing of a burqa.[1] There is also a sizeable population of Nuristanis, Tajiks[citation needed] and Uzbeks[citation needed] most of whom arrived from Afghanistan in the late 1980s.[citation needed]

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