Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Changa Manga Pakistan

Changa Manga  

The Changa Manga is a planted forest and a wildlife park in Kasur District, Punjab, Pakistan.

While the dieselization of Pakistan Railway Network is complete, there remains three little bastions of old-fashioned steam railway still in operation. One is the on-demand Khyber Pass Railway (a portion of which got swept away in 2007 flash floods), second is the on-demand Meter Gauge Network of Sindh province and the third is a small 25 km forest railway network at Changa Manga.


The forest is entered from a road from off the N-5 Highway near Bhai Pheru. The forest covers an area of 4,860 hectares (12,000 acres)[1] and is one of the largest man-made forests on the planet. The planting and irrigation of the land took place in the 19th century in the era of the British Raj due to the need for timber for the Indian Railways network. The most common species of trees are Dalbergia sissoo (sheesham), Acacia nilotica (kikar), both members of the Fabaceae native to the Indian subcontinent, white mulberry (Morus alba), popular in cultivation throughout South Asia, or Eucalyptus and Populus specieS.

Wildlife park

The wildlife park in Changa Manga covers an area of 40 acres (16 ha) and was built in 2008. The park is home to species of hog deer, Indian peafowl, jackal, mouflon, nilgai and wild boar.[3] Changa Manga Wildlife Park is one of the three wildlife parks located in Lahore District, other two Jallo Wildlife Park and Lahore Zoo Safari, also called Woodland Wildlife Park.

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